In the tropical wet and dry region there is much vegetation.Another name for this would probably be grasslands. There not considered to be a climate climax.  In this place plants grow partially to fully dormant in the dry season when sunlight is less intense, temperatures are cool and rainfall scant.

As the sun gets more intense, the wind changes, and the wet season causes these plants to change into flowers. Also some plants do bloom during the dry season if they are more dominate.

In this region there are many different species of frogs, and other amphibians. As well as tigers, snakes, chimpanzees and gorillas and toucans in this region. The main animal is the red-eye- tree frog.

Also the plants in this region must adapt to all the changes that occur here. They must be used to the dry season and find ways to cope with it and be able to live as well. As with the wet season they need to find new ways of living because of the change of weather. New flowers bloom during each season, it’s just their way of living in the tropical wet and dry region

As well with the plants in this region the animals must be able to survive here as well. The animals get used to one season and then it changes, most die but the ones that live have their own way of dealing with the weather changes, kind of just like humans if you really think about it.